Hi There ✨

I am a full-stack web developer based in Montreal Quebec, Canada. After completing my coding bootcamp I started my new career as a frontend web developer

The Story So Far

In 2020, during the covid-19 pandemic, I decided to return to my alma-mater to enroll myself in a web development bootcamp run by Concordia Bootcamps to take a shot at what I consider to be my lifelong career.

Fast-forward a year later, I started working as a frontend developer at CBC/Radio-Canada in their Digital Media division based here in Montreal, where I am constantly learning about what it takes to develop accessible web apps for a nation-wide audience.

About Me

Born in the Great North 🇨🇦, I had the opportunity to grow up on both sides of the Canadian coast in the cities of Vancouver and Montreal, the latter being where I currently live.

In my spare time, I collaborate on an app for the non-profit organization YAPHA, and offer tutoring services for students enrolled at Concordia Bootcamps.

In my previous career I worked as a Workforce Management analyst, where I discovered coding to be my favourite aspect of the job. From building small utility applications in Python, I felt motivated to take this newfound passion to the next step by enrolling myself at a coding bootcamp.

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