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Image provided by Unsplash, taken by Héctor J. Rivas

Next.js comes packed with optimizations, notably with images since version 10 got released. Essentially, instead of images being optimized at build time, they are lazy loaded by default (meaning they are loaded as users scroll through a page).

These optimizations provide some huge benefits, and we definitely want them rolling with our Theme-UI project. Since next/image already provides a React component to use, we can wrap around with an incredibly useful Theme-UI component called the <AspectRatio>. As the name aptly implies, this component preserves the aspect ratio of any image it wraps around through its ratio prop.

Taking a look at the code, we come up with the following:


import NextImage from "next/image";
import { AspectRatio } from "@theme-ui/components";
type ImageProps = React.ComponentProps<typeof NextImage> &
React.ComponentProps<typeof AspectRatio>;
export function Image({ ratio, ...props }: ImageProps) {
if (!ratio) {
return <NextImage {...props} />;
return (
<AspectRatio ratio={ratio}>
<NextImage {...props} />

And voilà! We have our <Image> component ready to use. There is no particular magic behind this component, it actually uses a well-known padding trick to calculate the appropriate width/height for the image. NextImage will naturally takes whatever space is available using the layout prop with the value of fill.

Of course, we should also be able to choose a width or height using the component itself if no aspect ratio is passed.

And that's really it, you now have a versatile component to render images at any size.

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